We don't aspire to be the next huge nationwide brewery. Instead, we will purposely stay small enough that we can have a personal active role in producing the beers that we and our friends and neighbors enjoy. We would obviously love to have our beer become so popular that we have to expand our production capacity, but will go about that in measured steps.

The Brewery is located at 9 Hill View Lane. The couple that previously owned the property are credited with naming one of Boerne's biggest annual parties: Berges Fest. What better way to celebrate the German heritage of the town on Father's Day weekend than with a refreshing beer made on the property where the party's name was first conceived?

While the old homestead was not in any shape to serve the brewery, we did find several buried treasures on the property. They include several dozen license plates, two large Sinclair gas station signs, and tools ranging from sheers to shoe forms. We have put a number of these treasures up for display in the new building.

Stop on by for a visit.

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Who We Are
Boerne (bur-nee) is a history-richTexas Hill Country town Northwest of San Antonio. The Boerne Brewery is a closed container manufacturing facility. We focus on making beer that everyone can enjoy and residents of the Texas Hill Country can be proud of. The beers are brewed in Boerne, by people from Boerne.
9 Hill View Lane, Boerne, TX 78006